Sunday, January 10, 2021

Min. Aaron S. Kawreh releases "Miracle Working God" : Blessing and quality


Whoever said the children of God do not aim for quality and standard has been proven wrong by Min. Aaron Success Kawreh. The US-based Liberian gospel artist just made that part clear when he released his latest music video titled 'MIRACLE WORKING GOD'  

Epic!! Fantastic!! Quality!! These are the words he used to described his work, which he assures the children of God is definitely a BLESSING to all who listen. 

"We need perfection. You don't just put out music anyhow because it's gospel music", Min. Kawreh admonished his fellow gospel musicians. He stressed that even though gospel songs are released to bless the listeners, quality is key. He was also quick to mention that the goal of releasing a music of this quality is far beyond mere entertainment. His goal is for people to be blessed.

'MIRACLE WORKING GOD' can best be described as a blessing. It is indeed a quality work that represents Liberia well. He features veteran Gospel sensation and icon, Min. Moses Swaray

Hit the link below and listen and get to understand that the children of God can rise far above mediocrity and still praise God. 

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