Friday, January 15, 2021

Min. Aaron S. Kawreh warns artists against mediocrity!!


Min. Aaron S. Kawreh, a top class afro pop gospel artist, has shared his candid view on what kind of music gospel artists should put out. Speaking via his Facebook page, Min. Kawreh cautioned and inspired his fellow gospel artists to produce quality songs and videos to add flavor to the blessings that gospel music gives to the soul. "We agree we want to do gospel songs, we want to be a blessing to people, but then equally so, we need to do perfection. We need a good thing", he admonished his fellow artists. "Gone are those days when we say 'it's a gospel song so we can just put it out anyway anyhow'. No!", he furthered.

On his podcast, Min. Kawreh expressed that perfection and quality yields good music. Good music can be of more blessings; as such, it behooves song writers, producers and artists to add quality to their production.

"When we do the songs, we want the songs to have quality and they should be a blessing to people. " Min. Kawreh stressed.

Since the release of the Back to the Sender single and his recent effort, Miracle Working God, featuring Pastor Moses Swaray, Min. Kawreh has set the bar high for contemporary, rising gospel artists.

Min. Aaron Kawreh is a Liberian gospel artist based in the United States of America.

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