Sunday, January 24, 2021

Successful Launch of 'Salvation' EP by Kainos Man Jeremy


Today, the Freedom Worship Center was the place to be. Worshippers across the country couldn't wait for their various services to be over so that they could rush straight to the EP launch of Kainos Man Jeremy. It was indeed a great day. 

The occasion was graced by several Gospel Artists. Worshippers were blessed with music from groups like Soul Winning Music Ministry, Youth for Jesus Music Group. Still more glorious songs were ministered by God's Son, King Dee, Preacha Man, JSray, and many more. Of course, you know the Man of the Day, Kainos Man himself, blessed the hearts of the audience with his sound.

The Preacher man and Chief Launcher blessed the Artist, Kainos Man and delivered a purse of an undisclosed amount as his initial support towards his music career. He promised the Gospel artist that he will be a strong force behind him concerning his music. The artist was promised that no matter the height he wants to achieve, he should rest assure that he already has his number one supporter. The Chief Launcher went on to encourage artists that now a days, people have to create positions for themselves. Gone are the days when the richest people in the world were Doctors, Engineers, Bankers and so forth. Now, the richest people in the world are Footballers, Musicians, and people who have made their passion their jobs. "The Lord will bless what thy hand findeth to do...", he said. 

The event was climaxed when Kainos Man and his dancers did a rather spectacular performance of the Title track of the EP, Salvation. Watch a snippet of that performance below:  

   Congratulations to Kainos Man and his team on their successful EP Launch. It's only up from here, and we can't wait to see him do exploits in the Lord.

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