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Why Pastor Moses Swaray hardly collaborates with other Liberian artists


Do you want to know why Pastor Moses Swaray hardly collaborates with other Liberian Gospel artists? Well, our Group CEO, Guladia, had a sit-down with the veteran Gospel artist to get all the reasons why. Follow the interview below:

Day Na Break: Good day, Pastor Swaray. This is The Boldroom on Day Na Break. I am Guladia. You're welcome.

Pastor Moses Swaray: Thank you. I am glad to be here.

Day Na Break: You made a post that the collaboration you did with Min. Aaron Kawreh on Miracle Working God was your first collaboration with any Liberian artist in recent years. That caught our attention.

Pastor Moses Swaray: Yes, I did that post. I do not just post something like that in any trivial manner. That was a very deliberate post.

Day Na Break: Yes, and we are really concerned. Why haven't you been collaborating with other Liberian artists until you did with Aaron Kawreh?

Pastor Moses Swaray: I believe in growth. I believe in progress. I know where I am coming from and I know where I am going. In order for there to be a collaboration, either the artist doing the music wants it, or the one being featured wants it. Whichever way it comes from, each artist must be sure about what's in it for them. For me, it has to do with quality music; for some, it has to do with benefiting from the fan base of the other artist...and a lot more. Whatever the case may be, I do not just do collaboration because I want to show that we are united as Liberians.
Some artists think that I am proud or I feel I am so big an artist because I do not feature on songs with other Liberian artists, especially those back home. What they do not know is that, doing a collaboration with Liberian artists has nothing to do with money for me. It has every thing to do with discipline and quality. If an artist asks to collaborate with me on a song, especially if I am to be the featured artist, there are few things I look out for: I want to see the lyrics, I want to hear the song. The thing is, not because an artist is a good singer means that artist is a good writer. So for me, I'm looking at the lyrics and the music at the same time. I want to know how long your verses are. I want to know if your hooks are catchy.

Pastor Swaray's annual "God Alone" Concert is always a Blessing!

I want to know who is the engineer on the song. Most engineers in Liberia are not very good. So if I think I can get on the song, what I do is I tell the artist to send the music so we can give it to a particular engineer, using a wave file, and then send it to a great producer in Ghana, for instance, or anywhere else, to work on the song. The thing is, you don't want to do a project and people say the song is beautiful, but the production is poor. Guess what, all of that will be done at my expense. However, they want their own engineers to do the music, and those engineers, most of them, are not up to standard. Most times, songs from them do not get played on certain radio stations in the States and other parts of the world. Production matters a whole lot.

So I set the bare minimum. When I give them my standards, they do not meet those standards. They get discouraged and do not follow through. However, they go complaining that I do not like to collaborate with other Liberian artists. I cannot water down my standards only because I want to suit Liberian artists. If I was going to be doing music, and send songs sounding like old cup to any of those artists, they were not going to listen to them.
Most Liberian gospel engineers believe that because the song is a 'Holy Ghost' song, so anything they put outside, the church is supposed to accept it and dance to it. No, it doesn't work that way.
Don't get me wrong, some gospel engineers are trying hard, but they need a lot more. What's lacking is knowledge. The engineers are not really knowledgeable. There are no seminars organized to bring in foreign engineers to help those on ground. We need that. When it comes to music in Africa, Liberia does not have a seat at the table. For us to even have a seat at the table, we have to work twice as hard as the Ghanaians, Nigerians, etc.

Day Na Break: Wow! Your standards are great, and we like the part where you even offer to fund the production aspect of the song if it is sent to a more experienced engineer. That's awesome. Now, let's talk about Min. Aaron Kawreh. Why did you jump on Miracle Working God ?

Pastor Moses Swaray: You see Aaron, he is very humble and ready to learn. In Ministry, people need to be able to submit to grace, to people who have walked the path ahead of them. Doors open to you when you submit to certain people who have grace ahead of you in that particular area you are entering into. The first thing, Aaron has been my mentee for some time now. He is humble and ready to tap into the grace I carry as a veteran gospel artist. In this country, I don't see one Liberian gospel artist that can show you who their mentor is. Not one. Everybody is equal. In fact, when they see people who gave them opportunities, they don't even recognize them.

Day Na Break: Okay, so is it because Min. Aaron Kawreh is your mentee, that's why you easily got on the song?

Pastor Moses Swaray: No, not that. Aaron is very submissive. He is willing to learn. He is opened to suggestions. When Aaron asked me to get on the song, I told him we will have to take it to this engineer I know who is very good, called JustPrince. He didn't hesitate at all. Just to finally release that video to the public on social media, it took about four months. He was very considerate about how I wanted to see the video, to be sure that it is ok, by my standards. Some people would have gotten angry, but Aaron was just so understanding. It is just peaceful when you're working with one understanding, you know.

Day Na Break: That's great. Now, we hope other Liberian artists out there will get to understand that it is all about discipline, good music and of course, great production [Engineer] for you, when it comes to collaboration. Thanks for allowing us to steal you away from all your work. Do have a great day, Pastor.

Pastor Moses Swaray: Oh, you're always welcome, Day Na Break. Yes, for me, that's really all what it's about. You want me on your music, know that I have standards that must be adhered to. Do have a great day also. 

Multiple award-winning Liberian born singer and songwriter, Moses Swaray, is an influential figure in Liberia and is quickly reaching the hearts of nations through his unique style of inspirational music and worship. He is known for his work as a philanthropist, businessman, motivational speaker, and for his long-running success as a musician. He is unarguably the most flourishing gospel artist emerging out of Liberia, West Africa in recent years, and no doubt one of the most consistent, young and energetic artists emerging from the African continent.

Moses is going to different corners of the world and captivating the hearts of many through his worship. His trademark vocals are very recognizable and his stage act is the impressive mark of an artist who knows what keeps his immense audience loyal. His unique blend of intimate worship, high-quality visuals, and his energetic style of ushering congregations into the presence of God is affecting lives worldwide. From a refugee kid to the winner of his country’s biggest singing competition, "A Star Is Born", Moses has sung for Presidents and helped revive his war torn nation through his music. He has worked alongside the United Nations. He became a Climate change Ambassador to West Africa for the Dutch based Organization, ICCO. He is also an advocate for Women’s Rights.

He has gone from just being an artist in Liberia to a cultural phenomenon, and is determined to keep soaring. The overflow of anointing upon him is felt by people everywhere he goes. He has shared the stage with true gospel giants like Kim Burrell, William McDowell, Vicki Yohe, and other. He is also the host of an annual gospel worship experience, “God Alone”, that brings together great worshippers and Ministers from different parts of the world. He sees leading God’s people as an honor and privilege, and does it with integrity and fear for the Almighty.

His love for giving back to people and being the voice of the voiceless provoked him into starting the Moses Swaray Foundation that is involved in charity projects and advocacy.

Moses Swaray is not just an artist, he is an anointed servant of the most high God.
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