Sunday, February 7, 2021

Rev. Joseph Gardea Johnson, III receives 'Clergy Man Of The Year' Award


It was a Sunday of Honor for the Restoration Baptist Ministries in Monrovia. February 7, 2021, the first Sunday in February, opened very bright for the church as a whole. The Senior Pastor of the church, Rev. Joseph Gardea Johnson, III, was honored by the Women Voices, a print media outlet in Liberia. They honored the works of the Reverend with a "Clergy Man of the Year" Award.

The media outlet, in the absence of it's head, Mrs. Hellen G. Nahn - Sammie was represented by a staff who delivered the Award to Rev. Johnson. During the honoring ceremony, which took place in the regular worship service, she affirmed her institution's trust and confidence in the works and activities of the Pastor: "We [women Voices] don't just write on people, we also monitor your activities", she expressed.

Upon receipt of the accolade, Rev. Johnson said, " I am honored to receive this because I know your work." He then made reference to five other awards which he had earlier been honored with, but rejected two. His rejection, according to the Reverend, was based on the fact that that certain key and corrupt actors within the body politics of the country should not be running media institutions. He made it clear that they are the custodians of integrity, therefore, he cannot cuff his conscience by accepting any awards from people who lack credibility, if any such award/honor is bestowed upon him. Though he seemed unclear in pointing out those outlets, the Reverend hailed the team from Women Voices and received the award with proud.

In continuation of the joy of the Sunday, the Restoration Baptist Church was blessed with an awestruck gift. The Scott Family, headed by Mr./Mrs. Randall Scott, offered to the church and to the glory of God a special gift. The gift, when unveiled, was a brand new set of choir gowns that were given to the church's choir.

The beautiful gowns, designed with dominant white and glittering pieces of gold on both the hands and chest areas, and a very visible bold RBM in the front, an abbreviation for Restoration Baptist Ministries, were received with so much joy by the entire congregation. Though described by the Scott Family as a "little gift", those gowns are spectacular. "We just want to give this little gift to the church", said Mrs. Scott as the family made the very generous presentation.

The Senior Pastor of the church appreciated the family for the gift. He then promised that the choir will no longer enter the sanctuary of the Lord without wearing their gowns, as the Scott's offer brings to four the total sets of gowns the choir now has.

For their part, the choir received the gowns with so much joy and sang gracefully to the Lord, as they were being gowned by selected members of the congregation.

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