Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Sad!!! Parents killed their 11-years old child!!!


This little boy's biological father and his step mother killed him in broad day light. They starved him for 3 weeks such that he had to start eating pieces of mattress and plastic, no water to drink. According to the story, a neighbor saw this strange creature moving and trying to leave the house, but the mother just pushed it back inside. This raised concern, and she called the other neighbors and then they called in the Police.

They tried to bathe him, but no way. The boy vomited pieces of mattresses and plastic, cried for water to drink, and then died, leaving the entire community in shock.

According to the mother of the child, she and this Emmanuel Brown person [name of biological father] were together for about 10 years. She had this child and other children for him. They later broke up and went separate ways. However, Emmanuel requested that the child be with him, which she agreed to. The child has been living with the father and his step mother up to the day they killed him. They are now in Police custody.

So you mean in this time and age we still have witches living among us in Monrovia? This happened right within the Paynesville community. This is very barbaric and the parents need to face the law.

- Every Child Deserves a Good Life

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